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Father Ted, Series 3 - Episode 1

Episode 1 (EP1)

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Résumé de l'épisode 1

After a fortunate transfer to another parish, Ted finds himself in sumptuous surroundings. But he has not escaped the tedium of Craggy Island for long. On his return to the Parochial House he finds things have changed in his absence. Dougal has acquired a new friend, Ronaldo. Mrs. Doyle has taken to falling off the roof, and Father Jack has become agoraphobic. What could be worse? Quite a lot when a Chinese family pays an unexpected visit to the house. Could Ted possibly be a racist? Despite trying to prove otherwise, events conspire against him and his popularity falls to an all-time low. Please note, this version may differ slightly from the UKTX version.

Extrait de l'épisode 1 de Father Ted, Series 3