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For the Love of a Child - Episode 1

For the Love of a Child (EP1)

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Think about it - if you had to choose between a life of fame and fortune in Hollywood or putting an end to the growing epidemic of child abuse, which would you pick? The answer is clear for rising stars Sara O'Meara and Yvonne Fedderson. This duo makes a drastic decision when they are entertaining the troops during the Vietnam War. With bags packed, the pair is about to head home to pursue flourishing acting careers when fate steps in and opens their eyes to their true calling: helping forsaken children. They remove themselves from the spotlight and instead focus on kids who have endured unthinkable physical and emotional nightmares. These women find a way to rehabilitate and give hope to children who have nowhere else to turn. Don't miss this triumphant true tale of two real-life heroines.

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