Voir Killer Women with Piers Morgan, Series 1 - Episode 1

Killer Women with Piers Morgan, Series 1 - Episode 1

Episode 1 (EP1)

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Résumé de l'épisode 1

In this first episode, Piers travels to Gatesville Texas to meet Erin Caffey who, at the age of 16, masterminded the brutal murder of her entire family. For this incomprehensible act, Erin will remain behind bars until she is almost 60 years old and in a gripping encounter behind bars, Piers teases from Erin what made a typical teen-aged girl conspire with her boyfriend to kill her mum, dad and two younger brothers.  Next, Piers drives to rural East Texas to meet the one survivor of the tragedy, Erin’s father Terry. Terry was shot 5 times and crawled out of his burning home on the night he lost the rest of his family. Now, Terry has made an incredible choice: he has forgiven Erin and still goes to see her in prison every month.  Piers meets Terry at the site of the murders – today an abandoned field – and finds out how he can come to terms with this devastating, evil act. In an emotional moment Piers discovers that, for Terry, forgiveness is the only way he can possibly carry on. As the film develops, a central question begins to emerge: Was Erin the driving force behind the murders or her 18 year old boyfriend Charlie? Erin and Terry say it’s the latter. But, as Piers seeks out other people close to the case, a different picture emerges. In Austin, Piers meets Lisa Tanner the prosecutor. Tanner wanted to give Charlie the death penalty and firmly believes that Erin is “a murderer, pure and simple”. Piers also meets Teresa Myers the mother of Charlie’s former friend who became close to him in the year before the murders. Teresa believes that Charlie would never have come up with the idea. And in a crucial development, Piers uncovers some fascinating police archive:  in a recorded interview, Erin’s former boyfriend tells investigators that he too had been approached by Erin about killing her family...

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