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The Mermaid Chair - Episode 1

The Mermaid Chair (EP1)

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Résumé de l'épisode 1

Take a journey of mystery, passion and self-discovery with Academy Award-winning actress Kim Basinger in a powerful story based on the popular best-seller. The movie follows Jessie, who has just sent her daughter off to school and feels alone and listless in her 20-year marriage. When this restless wife gets a disturbing phone call, she must return to her childhood home on a beautiful South Carolina island to deal with the shocking behavior of her mentally unstable mother. During the visit, she finds herself undeniably attracted to a Benedictine monk. While struggling with this temptation and delving into her family's secretive past, Jessie undergoes a spiritual, artistic and erotic awakening. Her experiences on the island lead Jessie to discover her true self and what she really wants from her life.

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