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Gone, Season 1 - Episode 10

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Résumé de l'épisode 10

When Attorney Juliet Larkin gets abducted from her Chicago law office, Frank’s task force quickly goes through the available evidence, but it doesn’t leave them with many leads. Neil Pruitt continues prying into Kit’s life, unbeknownst to her, stirring up more unwanted attention in the media. Kick and Bishop are surprised to find out that they’re working the case alongside someone who has a deep, personal connection to Frank. Meanwhile, another woman, Maria Cruz, is confirmed missing, and Bishop and Kennedy take the lead on the new case. When the detectives review the surveillance footage, they learn that Maria was kidnapped right outside of her church, by the same kidnappers, linking the two cases. Once Kick discovers that Maria is a documented immigrant and one of Juliet’s clients, the team uncovers the women may have an even more personal connection. Along the way, Kick finds out some shocking information that threatens to turn her world upside down... again.

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