Voir I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 101

I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 101

Season 4, Episode 14: The Case of My Vanishing Master - Part II (EP101)

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Résumé de l'épisode 101

Over TV, Roger informs Tony that his double plans to marry Jeannie. Meanwhile, Tony II tells Dr. Bellows of the strange girl who blinks things in and out and promises to introduce her to Bellows. When Rev. Benouli begins the Arabic marriage service, Tony II runs off, saying he's going for the marriage license. Roger tells Jeannie she's being tricked by an imposter. She is convinced when Tony II can't tell her how they met. Dr. Bellows arrives to find Jeannie posing as a surly housemaid. When she is grabbed by Tony II, Jeannie,blinks and he gets a terrible itch. Although Roger wants Tony II to go to the base hospital, Bellows orders him to stay at Tony's house. Roger reports that Tony is somewhere four hours east of Cocoa Beach by jet. Tony II, a spy, radios to his superiors. Jeannie makes strange things happen and Tony II, unhinged, frantically phones Dr. Bellows. Meanwhile, Tony returns. Jeannie is confused by the two Tonys, until Tony proves he's her real master by describing their first meeting. Bellows and Roger surprise Tony II trying to steal Tony's secret papers. Tony unmasks the spy, who turns on him until Jeannie blinks. Later, alone with Tony, Jeannie speaks of the lovely hiding place. As Bellows walks in, a Spanish flag appears.

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