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I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 106

Season 4, Episode 19: Biggest Star in Hollywood (EP106)

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Résumé de l'épisode 106

Tony and Dr. Bellows leave for Hollywood on NASA business. Gary Owens and George Schlatter of Laugh In see Jeannie pop in and out of a mirror as she waves goodbye to Tony. Roger overhears them ask Jeannie to appear on their show and immediately takes over as her agent. He convinces Jeannie to go along with his plans so she can impress Tory as a Hollywood celebrity. At the hotel in Hollywood, Roger tries to keep Tony from meeting Jeannie, whom he has billed as "Princess Anitra." However, a news photographer snaps them together in a corridor at midnight.. Tony convinces Bellows he was sleepwalking, but worries when Judy Carne shows him the picture. Determined to get Jeannie back to Cocoa Beach, Tony imprisons Jeannie in her bottle and tells Dr. Bellows it's shaving lotion. When Flip Wilson and Arte Johnson come to escort Jeannie to the studio, Dr. Bellows is shaving: As he opens Jeannie's bottle, she blinks and a baby skunk appears. Bellows emerges, choking. To elude him, Roger climbs out on the window ledge. Tony announces that Princess Anitra will not appear on the Laugh In, but Roger, still resolved to make it big as Jeannie's agent, grabs the bottle and declares the show will go on.

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