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Gone, Season 1 - Episode 11

Demons (EP11)

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Résumé de l'épisode 11

An innocent man riding his bike through a Pittsburgh park is attacked and abducted in broad daylight, but the only eyewitness is a nearly blind, 90 year old woman. Kick confronts her mom about her recent revelation and Paula sheds some light on the truth about her father. Kick and Bishop catch a big break in the case and it hits close to home for the team. Old information and memories from the kidnapping network that took Kick years ago resurface, and it seems that a copycat network is starting to take root. To Frank’s horror, Kit makes a shocking request in order to get more intel about the case, but it appears to have much bigger implications than anyone realizes.

Extrait de l'épisode 11 de Gone, Season 1