Voir Southern Charm, Season 7 - Episode 12

Southern Charm, Season 7 - Episode 12

Reunion, Pt. 2 (EP12)

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Résumé de l'épisode 12

The Southern Charm reunion concludes with a rollercoaster of emotions. As Craig stews over his strained friendship with Madison, newbie John finds himself in the hot seat for continuously breaking bro-code. Just as Austen finally comes to terms with his recent breakup, Madison shocks the group with news of another budding romance. Meanwhile, Leva and Kathryn desperately try to come to an understanding about the emoji controversy. Except this time, Kathryn is not the only one Leva calls out for living in a 'bubble of privilege.'

Extrait de l'épisode 12 de Southern Charm, Season 7