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I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 18

Season 1, Episode 18: Is There an Extra Jeannie in the House? (EP18)

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Résumé de l'épisode 18

Roger keeps Sheila, Dr. Bellows' niece, out long past her uncle's curfew. Dr. Bellows tells Roger he is assigning him to a remote island. Tony forbids Jeannie to call on a cousin from Baghdad to help Roger. Certain Roger has gone for a month, Mr. Billings, the manager of his apartment house, allows Arnie Conway, a magician, and his wife, Myrt, to use the apartment in Roger 's absence. When Roger returns and sees the Conways rehearsing a routine in oriental costume, he is sure, Jeannie has brought her relatives to help him. Then Dr. Bellows tells Roger he is not sending him away. Tony is also sure Jeannie's cousins are helping Roger. Roger, confident of his newfound power, tells Sheila he'll make her uncle head of the medical department and get her a mink coat. Although Jeannie tells Roger Myrt is not her cousin, Roger calls Bellows and tells him he'll get him the position he's been working for. Myrt and Arnie, having had enough of the kooky situation, decide to leave. They tell Tony they are not genies and he apologizes to Jeannie. Just as Bellows is telling Roger something must be done about his mental condition, Bellows receives word of his appointment. Roger's elation fades when he realizes that without the help of his departed genies, he'll have to pay for Sheila's mink coat himself.

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