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Adam 12, Season 1 - Episode 24

Log #172 (EP24)

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Résumé de l'épisode 24

A young and beautiful oil heiress pursues Officer Malloy (Martin Milner) for a date after he issues her a traffic citation and her persistence causes problems in "Boy!...The Things You do for the Job! -- Log 172." this week's episode of ADAM 12. Penelope Lang (Anna Capri) showers Malloy with calls, gifts and pleas trying to break down his resistance. Malloy, after considerable ribbing from his partner, Reed Kent McCord), and fellow officers, resolves the problem in a manner he refuses to reveal. The cast includes Gary Crosby as Officer Wells, Claude Johnson as Officer Brinkman, William Boyett as Sgt. McDonald and William Stevens as Officer Walters.

Extrait de l'épisode 24 de Adam 12, Season 1