Voir Adam 12, Season 1 - Episode 25

Adam 12, Season 1 - Episode 25

Log #92 (EP25)

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Résumé de l'épisode 25

Neighbors arguing bitterly over possession of a jointly-owned boat brings Officers Malloy (Martin Milner and Reed (Kent McCord) to their homes on three occasions, in "Tell Him He Pushed Back A Little Too Hard -- Log 92," this week's episode of ADAM 12. Miles Wellman ( James Callahan) is highly incensed when he finds neighbor Sidney Roemer (Dick Sargent) has padlocked the boat in Roemer's garage. Efforts by their wives, Agnes Wellman (Joan Staley) and Wendy Roemer (Christopher West), to pacify the pair are futile. The cast also includes Jack Hogan as Sgt. Jerry Miller.

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