Voir I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 32

I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 32

Season 2, Episode 02: Always on Sunday (EP32)

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Résumé de l'épisode 32

Tony tells Jeannie it's too bad every day can't be Sunday. Feeling Tony is overworked, Jeannie blinks and it becomes Sunday. She tells a horrified Tony it will be Sunday until he is rested. Then she sends him on various vacations, on one, he finds himself playing tennis with Pancho Segura. When Tony orders Jeannie to turn off Sunday, she retreats into her bottle. In desperation, Tony tells Dr. Bellows the calendar has stopped. Bellows relays Tony's wild conclusion to Gen. Peterson. Jeannie decides to leave because everything she has done to please Tony, has turned out wrong. Learning Jeannie has gone, Tony realizes it will always be Sunday. Dr. Bellows hears Tony talking to Jeannie's bottle, trying to make her understand his feelings. Tony tells him he wants to make a complete confession about all the events of the past year. Dr. Bellows calls Gen. Peterson to witness the confession, but Jeannie returns and Tony's desire to confess fades. When Peterson arrives, Tony says he's been composing a song. He sings a love song to Jeannie, who is hidden inside the piano. Peterson exits, leaving a babbling Dr. Bellows. Later, Tony finds Jeannie has taken away Sunday and given the week two Mondays because he wished for more workdays.

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