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I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 43

Season 2, Episode 13: My Master, the Great Caruso (EP43)

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Résumé de l'épisode 43

Tony tells Jeannie that each year the American Air Force puts on a TV talent show with contestants from each base. Jeannie insists that Tony enter since they need a trophy for the mantel. Jeannie blinks and Tony sounds like Caruso. Dr. Bellows hears him. Tony makes Jeannie promise she'll never make him sing like Caruso again. Jeannie is excited since Roger has promised to reveal her birthday when he returns from Alaska the next day. With Gen. Peterson's backing, Dr. Bellows enters Tony in the contest. When all of his efforts to withdraw fail, Tony asks Jeannie to blink and return Caruso's voice to him. Quoting Tony that he would never forgive her if she broke her promise, Jeannie refuses and leaves for Baghdad. Roger returns from Alaska and Tony seeks his help but everything they do to get Tony out of the contest fails. Jeannie pops up next to Roger just as Tony is introduced. When Roger bets her to help, Jeannie repeats her promise. She suddenly brightens as she remembers she promised only that Tony would not sing like Caruso. Blink follows blink as Jeannie turns Tony into a soprano, basso profundo and finally boop a doop. Tony wins the contest. When Gen. Peterson takes the trophy for his office, Jeannie blinks and produces a duplicate made of gold. Jeannie makes her own day complete when she makes Roger reveal her birth date.

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