Voir I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 49

I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 49

Season 2, Episode 19: You Can't Arrest Me, I Don't Have a Driver's License (EP49)

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Résumé de l'épisode 49

Jeannie drives off in Tony's car without permission. Going up a one way street in the wrong direction, she is stopped by Ptl. Anderson. After ticking her off for a number of violations, he has the car towed away. Tony learns that Anderson holds the national record forgiving out tickets and has been written up by a magazine. At Roger's suggestion, Tony appeals to Dr. Bellows for help in getting the car back by insinuating it is full of secret equipment. When the car is released, Jeannie tricks Tony into giving her driving lessons. This time Tony encounters Anderson, who insures that the story of the astronaut's traffic violations makes the front page. Dr. Bellows and Gen. Peterson are very angry. When Tony apologizes to Anderson before the case codes to court, he tricks him into making a statement which sounds like an attempt at bribery and secretly records it on tape. Roger insists on conducting Tony's defense in court. Roger's help is practically propelling Tony to the nearest, Jail when Jeannie arrives. When Anderson is called to identify Tony, Jeannie blinks and Tony is. Anderson's double. Stunned, Anderson turns on the tape of Tony's confession. Jeannie blinks and it's all in Russian. After Tony's acquittal, Roger borrows his car, but Jeannie pops into the driver's seat, with Tony in hot pursuit.

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