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I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 51

Season 2, Episode 21: My Poor Master, the Civilian (EP51)

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Résumé de l'épisode 51

Tony tells Jeannie and Roger he has been shifted out of the space program to head a company producing booster rockets, because the only other prospect turned down the job. Learning of Tony's new assignment, Dr. Bellows announces his own resignation, stating that he stayed only to observe Tony's behavior, and now plans to write a book about it. Tony begs Gen. Peterson to keep him at the base but Peterson feels he's more useful running the missile plant. When Jeannie describes how miserable Tony is about his forced reassignment, Roger feels if Tony could see himself in the new job, he might find a way to turn it down. Jeannie blinks and projects Tony's worst day, with two pretty secretaries, a gorgeous office and top production. Jeannie and Roger realize this won't have the desired effect. Prodded by Roger, Jeannie shows Tony a picture of himself at work, late at night, in a dreary office, desk piled high with papers. While Gen. Peterson complains that Tony is sabotaging the missile program, two dowdy secretaries, Sally and Aggie, nag for a raise. To Jeannie and Roger's surprise, Tony insists on getting to the plant before the contract is cancelled. Then Roger recalls that Prof. Lakewood's wife refused to leave Connecticut. Jeannie fills their home with snakes and Prof. Lakewood pleads for the missile job. Later, Roger complains he hasn't a date. Jeannie blinks, and Sally, the whiner, appears.

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