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I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 53

Season 2, Episode 23: The Greatest Entertainer in the World (EP53)

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Résumé de l'épisode 53

Jeannie insists that Tony be in charge of Gen. Peterson's tenth anniversary celebration as a general. Tony is annoyed with her interference but tells her he'd like Sammy Davis, Jr. to appear. Tony tells Roger he's off to Miami to see Davis, but won't tell Jeannie. Tony sneaks out and reaches the hotel where the star is rehearsing but Charles, his secretary, reports that he's booked up for months. Not knowing that Tony is in Miami, Jeannie blinks Davis to Tony's living room. When Jeannie can't find Tony, she pops Sammy back to his hotel. Sammy feels he's heading for a breakdown and tells Charles he needs a long rest. Tony returns home and Jeannie tells him Sammy was there. Tony reports that the star is too busy and they'll have to use amateur talent. Gen. Peterson thanks Tony for getting Sammy Davis, Jr. who performed the night he became a general and adds he can't wait to see him again. When Jeannie again whisks Sammy to Tony's living room, he feels the astronaut is using a time machine to whirl him through space. When Sammy regrets he has no free time, Jeannie blinks and Sammy's double, appears. One performs at the hotel while the other is at the NASA auditorium. While Tony tells Jeannie that it was a great evening for the General, Sammy Davis Jr. returns. He begs Jeannie to rid him of the second Sammy who is following him around.

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