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I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 55

Season 2, Episode 25: My Master, the Pirate (EP55)

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Résumé de l'épisode 55

Tony, in skin diving gear, tells Jeannie he is going out to search for treasure reputedly in a nearby sunken pirate ship of the notorious Captain Kidd. Jeannie tells Tony he is such braver than Kidd was and whisks him back in time to the deck of Kidd's pirate vessel. There he is immediately attacked by the pirate chieftain but defeats him. To his surprise, Tony is chosen as the new captain by the cutthroat crew. The First Mate, George, demands Captain Tony kill their prisoner, the beautiful Lady Diane Nelson, who Tony realizes is none other than his great great great grandmother. When Tony procrastinates while trying to devise a means of escape, the crew turns against him. The brigands seize Tony and Lady Diane. George orders they walk the plank. Jeannie blinks and a lifeboat appears in the water, saving Tony and Diane from a watery grave. While the British frigate searching for Diane appears, the pirates pursue our hero and Jeannie uses her magic and British soldiers burst on the scene, driving off the pirates. The British, however, think Tony is a pirate and, disregarding Diane's, appeals, prepare to hang him. Jeannie rescues her master and with Diane now safe, Tony and Jeannie eye transported back to the Nelson home.

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