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I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 56

Season 2, Episode 26: A Secretary Is Not a Toy (EP56)

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Résumé de l'épisode 56

Jeannie decides its beneath her to have a master who is only a major. When she learns Gen. Peterson's secretary is leaving, she feels she could push Tony's promotion to general if she took the job, but Tony forbids it. She gets rid of Susie, Peterson's new secretary, by making her dress disappear. Peterson orders a male secretary, but Jeannie is so competent, that he keeps her. Dr. Bellows overhears Tony ordering Jeannie to blink herself out of Peterson's office. To learn more, Dr. Bellows invites Jeannie to lunch and soon has her talking in circles trying to explain her background. Bellows calls the FBI to investigate. Hoping to placate Jeannie, Tony wears general's stars under his raincoat. Unfortunately, Jeannie works "General Nelson" into Peterson's dictation. Peterson orders Tony to remove the stars before he is court martialed. Amos Lincoln, an FBI man, reports that Jeannie doesn't exist in the official records. The CIA begins to investigate for possible sabotage. Tony tells Roger that every government department is after Jeannie. When Tony thanks her for making him the youngest general in the Air Force and tells her he must be married, Jeannie decides Tony shouldn't be a general after all. Tony tells Lincoln and Bellows that Jeannie is gone for good.

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