Voir I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 57

I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series - Episode 57

Season 2, Episode 27: There Goes the Bride (EP57)

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Résumé de l'épisode 57

When Tony is best man at a wedding, Jeannie decides they should get married too. Roger advises Jeannie to play hard to get. Jeannie declares she's not interested in marriage, and Tony replies he feels the same. She reports her failure of reverse psychology to Roger. Jeannie resorts to a most powerful and dangerous spell involving a lock of Tony's hair, a piece of fingernail and some clothing. She blinks and Tony proposes. Haji, chief Djinn, accuses Jeannie of disobeying the decree banning love spells on masters. Jeannie refuses to remove the spell because wedding pleas are set. Haji threatens the worst. Tony and Jeannie go to Las Vegas with Roger as best man. As Roger tosses rice, Haji carries out his threats. Tony slips, breaks a leg, then a wrist. Jeannie recalls Haji's warning and tells Roger she can't help. Roger regrets that Tony will lose his chance to be first on the moon. Jeannie tries again. Acute appendicitis is added to Tony's afflictions. Jeannie admits that if she removes the spell, Tony will not marry her. Resigned, she blinks end all Tony's ills vanish. When Tony says he must get to NASA for as important meeting, Jeannie blinks him there in his hospital gown.

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