Voir Patton 360 - Episode 7

Patton 360 - Episode 7

On Hitler's Doorstep (EP7)

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Résumé de l'épisode 7

Patton's blitzkrieg is so successful that his army outruns its own supply lines. Despite being short on fuel and ammunition, he invades the province of Lorraine, hoping to cross into Germany before Christmas. But delays from the fuel shortages have given the Germans time to regroup. Stubborn German defenses at the Moselle River are finally crushed, and the Third Army captures the key city of Nancy. Then Adolph Hitler demands that his generals launch a major counterattack and a furious tank battle erupts near the town of Arracourt. Despite the inferiority of their tanks, the Americans emerge triumphant. But Patton remains stuck in Lorraine, just a few miles closer to Germany than he was at the beginning of the month.

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