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Télécharger Africa Episode 6

Africa Episode 6 (The Future)

Date de diffusion: : 06 Février 2013
Over 80 years of wildlife filmmaking, the BBC Natural History Unit has chronicled the greatest changes in a continent that the world has ever seen. With more than a billion people, Africa might now be at its tipping point, but it is also...
Télécharger Africa Episode 4

Africa Episode 4 (Cape)

Date de diffusion: : 23 Janvier 2013
Southern Africa is a riot of life and colour. But if it was not for two great ocean currents that sweep around and shape the continent’s Great Cape it would be a desert. To the east, the warm Agulhas current flows south, generating...
Télécharger Africa Episode 5

Africa Episode 5 (Sahara)

Date de diffusion: : 30 Janvier 2013
North Africa is home to the greatest desert on Earth, the Sahara. This vast wilderness, the size of the United States, is the toughest part of the African continent. On the fringes of the Great Desert, Grevy’s Zebras battle over...
Télécharger Africa Episode 3

Africa Episode 3 (Congo)

Date de diffusion: : 16 Janvier 2013
The Congo rainforest covers the very heart of Africa, it is the most dynamic habitat on the planet. From the crowded, competitive centre of the forest to the open edge of the Atlantic ocean, this is all about carving out space in a...
Télécharger Africa Episode 1

Africa Episode 1 (Kalahari)

Date de diffusion: : 02 Janvier 2013
In Africa’s ancient south west corner, two extraordinary deserts sit side by side and host some extraordinary survivors. In the Kalahari scrub lands, clever meerkats are outsmarted by a wily bird, solitary and belligerent black rhinos...
Télécharger Africa Episode 2

Africa Episode 2 (Savannah)

Date de diffusion: : 09 Janvier 2013
East Africa is a land which is constantly changing. To survive here, creatures must be able to deal with unpredictable twists and turns – wet turning to dry, famine to feast, cold to hot – no matter how hostile and unpredictable it...