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Télécharger Bleak House Episode 15

Bleak House Episode 15 (Episode 15)

Date de diffusion: : 16 Décembre 2005
Sir Leicester is heartbroken by Lady Dedlock's death. Even Boythorn recognises he is a broken man, offering to end their long-running dispute about the rights of way of the land. Sir Leicester is deeply affronted by the idea Boythorn...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 14

Bleak House Episode 14 (Episode 14)

Date de diffusion: : 15 Décembre 2005
As Hortense hisses with fury, Bucket tells her that he had suspected her from the moment he saw her at the funeral, and then received the anonymous letter. The day after he met her, he had Hortense followed to the country where she...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 13

Bleak House Episode 13 (Episode 13)

Date de diffusion: : 09 Décembre 2005
Bucket studies his 'Lady Dedlock Murderess' letter, then asks Clamb if he saw a lady in a black fringed shawl that night, but he did not. Jarndyce brings Mrs Rouncewell and George together, and they are reunited in his cell. She pleads...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 12

Bleak House Episode 12 (Episode 12)

Date de diffusion: : 08 Décembre 2005
Clamb discovers his master's body. Bucket takes the case, quickly learning from Clamb that George was seen at the scene of the crime and had previously issued violent threats against Tulkinghorn. It's only circumstantial evidence so far,...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 11

Bleak House Episode 11 (Episode 11)

Date de diffusion: : 02 Décembre 2005
Jenny the brickmaker's wife finds little Jo wandering the streets of London in a daze, coughing blood. After returning to the city, Woodcourt stumbles upon them and realises immediately that Jo is dying and in need of refuge. Woodcourt...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 10

Bleak House Episode 10 (Episode 10)

Date de diffusion: : 01 Décembre 2005
Knowing she is now in Tulkinghorn's power, Lady Dedlock decides to send Rosa away to save her from any impending scandal. Rosa is upset by the idea of having to leave. Back in London, Hortense accuses Tulkinghorn of denying her...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 9

Bleak House Episode 9 (Episode 9)

Date de diffusion: : 25 Novembre 2005
Esther is in total shock after Lady Dedlock's confession, but keeps her troubled emotions secret from Ada. With Boythorn and Jarndyce away on business, the girls go to the local pub where Esther is surprised to meet Richard. His interest...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 8

Bleak House Episode 8 (Episode 8)

Date de diffusion: : 24 Novembre 2005
Miss Flite leaves Bleak House but not before issuing a terrible warning that Rick will be drawn to ruin by Chancery in the same way as Mr Gridley. Ada is desperately worried already, since Rick and Jarndyce are barely speaking. Esther's...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 7

Bleak House Episode 7 (Episode 7)

Date de diffusion: : 17 Novembre 2005
Esther, Ada, Jarndyce and Caddy search far and wide for Jo but to no avail. He has disappeared – spirited away by Tulkinghorn and Bucket (with a little help from Skimpole) to stop him talking. Next morning, disaster strikes – Esther...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 6

Bleak House Episode 6 (Episode 6)

Date de diffusion: : 11 Novembre 2005
George meets Tulkinghorn to discuss his demands, but, suspicious of Tulkinghorn's motives, he refuses to hand over the writing sample. Smallweed is desperate to squeeze George for all he can, but Tulkinghorn instructs him to bide his...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 5

Bleak House Episode 5 (Episode 5)

Date de diffusion: : 10 Novembre 2005
Jo's surprise turns to total confusion when the lady is unveiled. It's not Lady Dedlock, after all; rather Hortense wearing her clothing. Meanwhile, at Chesney Wold, Lady Dedlock's own suspicions have been aroused, as she wonders why she...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 4

Bleak House Episode 4 (Episode 4)

Date de diffusion: : 04 Novembre 2005
Jarndyce has taken Esther and Ada to visit his friend Mr Boythorn in the Leicestershire countryside. He is a neighbour of Sir Leicester's, but they are engaged in a protracted legal wrangle about their territorial rights. Jarndyce is...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 3

Bleak House Episode 3 (Episode 3)

Date de diffusion: : 03 Novembre 2005
Ada confides in Esther that she and Richard are in love. They wish to get engaged but Jarndyce disapproves and tells them it's far too soon to take this step. Reluctantly, the pair agree to wait. Caddy Jellyby, on the other hand, has...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 2

Bleak House Episode 2 (Episode 2)

Date de diffusion: : 28 Octobre 2005
Tulkinghorn and Krook call out the doctor, Allan Woodcourt, who suspects that Nemo’s death was caused by an accidental overdose of opium. The coroner confirms as much. Nemo is given a pauper's funeral - and at the gloomy burial ground...
Télécharger Bleak House Episode 1

Bleak House Episode 1 (Episode 1)

Date de diffusion: : 27 Octobre 2005
Alone in the world after the death of her aunt, Esther Summerson is brought to the High Court of Chancery by Mr Guppy, clerk to Mr Kenge, one of the lawyers in the infamous suit of Jarndyce and Jarndyce, a complicated case which has...