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Télécharger Emma (VF) Episode 1

Emma (VF) Episode 1 (L'entremetteuse)

Date de diffusion: : 04 Octobre 2009
La jeune Emma Woodhouse est belle, riche et indépendante et son passe-temps préféré est de jouer les entremetteuses. Elle persuade ainsi la jolie mais naïve Harriet Smith que Robert Martin, un fermier des environs, n'est pas un...
Télécharger Emma Episode 4

Emma Episode 4 (Episode 4)

Date de diffusion: : 25 Octobre 2009
What was intended as a day of fun turns into a day of agony for everyone on the Box Hill excursion. Things come to a head when, egged on by Frank, Emma behaves very badly, insulting Miss Bates. When Frank's controlling aunt dies, the...
Télécharger Emma Episode 3

Emma Episode 3 (Episode 3)

Date de diffusion: : 18 Octobre 2009
Emma teases Mr Knightley about Jane, but he remains tight-lipped. Meanwhile, Frank and Emma plan a ball, and Emma wonders whether she might be in love with him. Despite having a wonderful time at a village ball, she decides not. With her...
Télécharger Emma Episode 2

Emma Episode 2 (Episode 2)

Date de diffusion: : 11 Octobre 2009
Emma continues her attempts to marry off Harriet and Mr Elton, vicar of Highbury. Although uninterested in marriage herself, she is intrigued by the mysterious and elusive Frank Churchill, who she hopes to meet for the first time at a...
Télécharger Emma Episode 1

Emma Episode 1 (Episode 1)

Date de diffusion: : 04 Octobre 2009
Rich, independent and kind-spirited, Emma Woodhouse has no need to marry, but nothing delights her more than matchmaking those around her. She persuades the pretty Harriet Smith that she is too good for her suitor, the farmer Robert...