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Télécharger Parade's End (VF) Episode 3

Parade's End (VF) Episode 3 (Rumeurs)

Date de diffusion: : 24 Août 2012
1914 – l'Angleterre a déclaré la guerre à l'Allemagne, c'est la 1re guerre mondiale. Christopher démissionne du bureau des statistiques et s'engage dans l’armée, ce qui provoque la colère et l'incompréhension de Sylvia et...
Télécharger Parade's End Episode 4

Parade's End Episode 4 (Episode 4)

Date de diffusion: : 14 Septembre 2012
Now stationed in Rouen, an exhausted Christopher prepares soldiers for the draft and when a soldier deserts, Christopher is left in an uncomfortable position. Back in London, Sylvia tricks Perowne into escorting her to France. Campion is...
Télécharger Parade's End Episode 5

Parade's End Episode 5 (Episode 5)

Date de diffusion: : 21 Septembre 2012
Christopher is sent to the Front with McKechnie and Perowne. Sylvia - now ensconced at Groby - makes one final, desperate play for him, which provokes a reaction from Valentine who nervously waits for news of Christopher.
Télécharger Parade's End Episode 3

Parade's End Episode 3 (Episode 3)

Date de diffusion: : 07 Septembre 2012
Vicious rumours about Christopher abound, leading to tragedy at Groby, which forces Christopher to feel betrayed by his father. Sylvia finds a new admirer who proves a distraction as the war continues, and Valentine moves to London where...
Télécharger Parade's End Episode 2

Parade's End Episode 2 (Episode 2)

Date de diffusion: : 31 Août 2012
While Sylvia and Christopher are reunited publically, their relationship remains turbulent in private. On resolving herself to be chaste, Sylvia seeks to prove her intent to Christopher by visiting a convent. In the run up to war...
Télécharger Parade's End Episode 1

Parade's End Episode 1 (Episode 1)

Date de diffusion: : 24 Août 2012
In the dying days of Edwardian England, aristocrat Christopher Tietjens enters into a destructive marriage with the beautiful but cruel socialite Sylvia who bears a son that may or may not be his. Ignoring her overt flirtation with other...