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Télécharger Patton 360 Episode 8

Patton 360 Episode 8 (Siege Warfare)

Date de diffusion: : 12 Juin 2009
The slow but brutal slugfest in Lorraine continues as Patton orders his men to take the heavily fortified city of Metz. The thick forts that surround the city and the castle-like walls around Metz prove to be more than a match for...
Télécharger Patton 360 Episode 4

Patton 360 Episode 4 (Rogue General)

Date de diffusion: : 01 Mai 2009
Sicily, July--September 1943: Frustrated by the slow progress of his British allies, Patton ignores orders to stay by their side and pushes on to capture Palermo. The Seventh Army prepares to assault Messina and liberate the besieged...
Télécharger Patton 360 Episode 3

Patton 360 Episode 3 (Baptism of Blood)

Date de diffusion: : 24 Avril 2009
Sicily, July 1943: As a result of his victories in North Africa, Patton is given command of the Seventh Army as the Allies prepare to invade Sicily. Known as Operation Husky, the combined amphibious and airborne assault is the largest...
Télécharger Patton 360 Episode 1

Patton 360 Episode 1 (Blood & Guts)

Date de diffusion: : 10 Avril 2009
General George S. Patton and the US Army embark on the road to Germany by invading North Africa on November 8th, 1942. The program begins with a preview of the first showdown between US and German forces at Kasserine Pass in February,...