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Télécharger Shattered, Season 2 Episode 4

Shattered, Season 2 Episode 4 (The Pact)

Date de diffusion: : 07 Novembre 2018
2001. A son's visit home turns into a desperate search for his missing father. A detective uncovers a murder with a stunning revelation about a group of children, and a mother struggles to believe her son could be involved in a vicious...
Télécharger Shattered, Season 1 Episode 1

Shattered, Season 1 Episode 1 (The Box)

Date de diffusion: : 15 Août 2017
1996. A father in Texas seeks revenge for the savage dismemberment of his son... a girl in Mississippi desperately tries to escape the metal footlocker she has been imprisoned in... and a rookie detective is assigned a case that will...