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Télécharger Billy Graham Episode 1

Billy Graham Episode 1 (Billy Graham)

Date de diffusion: : 17 Mai 2021
Explore the life of one of the best-known and most influential religious leaders of the 20th century. An international celebrity by age 30, Billy Graham built a media empire, preached to millions worldwide, and had the ear of tycoons,...
Télécharger American OZ Episode 1

American OZ Episode 1 (American Oz)

Date de diffusion: : 19 Avril 2021
When L. Frank Baum published The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in 1900, he was 44 years old and had spent much of his life in restless pursuit of his American dream. He continued to reinvent himself, reflecting a uniquely American brand of...
Télécharger Clinton Episode 4

Clinton Episode 4 (The Survivor)

Date de diffusion: : 21 Février 2012
The final hour begins as Clinton sails buoyantly into his second term. Times are good, the economy is booming, and American prestige and power internationally are at an all-time high. Clinton’s dream of repairing the breach with...
Télécharger Clinton Episode 3

Clinton Episode 3 (A Real President)

Date de diffusion: : 21 Février 2012
Shattered by the Republican victory, Clinton begins to sideline his most trusted advisors in favor of an aggressive political consultant named Dick Morris who uses extensive polling to diagnose the administration’s weaknesses and...
Télécharger Clinton Episode 2

Clinton Episode 2 (Blood Sport)

Date de diffusion: : 20 Février 2012
Despite all of their education and experience, the Clintons are unprepared for politics in Washington, which quickly descends into open warfare with the Republican establishment and much of the media. Hour 2 chronicles the tumultuous...
Télécharger Clinton Episode 1

Clinton Episode 1 (The Comeback Kid)

Date de diffusion: : 20 Février 2012
From the political backwaters of Arkansas, Bill Clinton emerges as a political force unlike any seen on the national stage in a generation. Overcoming a troubled upbringing marred by alcoholism and violence, Clinton is determined from...