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Télécharger Blackadder II Episode 2

Blackadder II Episode 2 (Head)

Date de diffusion: : 16 Janvier 1989
The Queen appoints Blackadder as the new Lord High Executioner - a job in which no-one survives more than a week. Blackadder starts badly by executing a chap called Farrow two days early, so as to give him and the rest of the team half...
Télécharger Blackadder II Episode 1

Blackadder II Episode 1 (Bells)

Date de diffusion: : 09 Janvier 1989
Blackadder finds his new manservant, Bob, curiously pleasant company. So much so, that he almost kisses him. Afraid for his position at court, Blackadder searches for a 'cure', until Bob conveniently reveals that she is in fact a girl...
Télécharger Blackadder II Episode 6

Blackadder II Episode 6 (Chains)

Date de diffusion: : 20 Février 1989
When Blackadder and Melchett are kidnapped by the evil Prince Ludwig, the Queen is given an impossible choice. She can only pay the ransom on one of them, but which one? She decides to spend the money on a big party instead. The boys...
Télécharger Blackadder II Episode 5

Blackadder II Episode 5 (Beer)

Date de diffusion: : 13 Février 1989
During an argument about who is best at holding their liquor, Blackadder challenges Melchett to a rowdy drinking competition at his house. Unfortunately, his aunt and uncle Lord and Lady Whiteadder have invited themselves over for dinner...
Télécharger Blackadder II Episode 4

Blackadder II Episode 4 (Money)

Date de diffusion: : 06 Février 1989
Blackadder owes money to the Bank of the Black Monks of St. Herod. If he doesn't repay it by evensong, the baby-eating Bishop of Bath and Wells will brutally murder him with the aid of a poker. The boys try various money-making schemes,...
Télécharger Blackadder II Episode 3

Blackadder II Episode 3 (Potato)

Date de diffusion: : 23 Janvier 1989
Sir Walter Raleigh is home from his epic voyage to the new world, with tales of adventure and discovery that greatly impress the Queen. Goaded on by Sir Walter, and with the Queen promising to marry him if he succeeds, Blackadder vows to...