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Télécharger Broken Episode 4

Broken Episode 4 (Episode 4)

Date de diffusion: : 11 Août 2017
As Father Michael's mother continues to deteriorate, he tries to persuade his brothers to help shoulder the care load a bit more, but his plea falls on deaf ears. Back at St Nick's, Roz Demichelis goes to work where her boss finally...
Télécharger Broken Episode 3

Broken Episode 3 (Episode 3)

Date de diffusion: : 04 Août 2017
As Vernon Oyenusi's death sends shockwaves throughout the St Nick's community, Father Michael tries to deal with his own guilt in refusing to answer Helen's phone call the night before. Seeing Helen's humility and dignity in the face of...
Télécharger Broken Episode 6

Broken Episode 6 (Episode 6)

Date de diffusion: : 25 Août 2017
As the Demichelis children struggle to cope without their mother, Father Michael tries to help but finds his offers rejected by a still-angry Chloe. As time passes, however, Chloe realises she has to confront what has happened if they...
Télécharger Broken Episode 5

Broken Episode 5 (Episode 5)

Date de diffusion: : 18 Août 2017
Helen Oyenusi's brother, Daniel Martin, arrives from Trinidad to support his sister as she waits for the coroner to release Vernon's body for burial. But Daniel immediately ruffles feathers when he gets into an argument with Helen's...
Télécharger Broken Episode 2

Broken Episode 2 (Episode 2)

Date de diffusion: : 28 Juillet 2017
As the repercussions of Christina's actions start to hit home, Father Michael makes a discovery and must act fast to help Christina justify what happened to the authorities and her sister Mariella. Elsewhere Helen Oyenusi, one of Father...
Télécharger Broken Episode 1

Broken Episode 1 (Episode 1)

Date de diffusion: : 21 Juillet 2017
Father Michael meets Christina Fitzsimmons, a mother of three saving money for her daughter's First Communion. But when her attendance in Church sparks an unfortunate chain of events, she is left with no way to feed her children and keep...