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Télécharger Sinbad (VF) Episode 5

Sinbad (VF) Episode 5 (Le familier)

Date de diffusion: : 05 Août 2012
Au cours d’une brève excursion, Sinbad et ses amis s’aperçoivent qu’ils sont activement recherchés par les gardes de Bassorah. Anwar, Nala et Rina décident alors de regagner la Providence mais des hommes d’Akbari ainsi que...
Télécharger Sinbad (VF) Episode 6

Sinbad (VF) Episode 6 (La sirène)

Date de diffusion: : 12 Août 2012
La Providence ayant été percutée par un animal marin, Sinbad plonge afin d’évaluer les dégâts et disparaît. Partis à sa recherche, ses amis le retrouvent sur une petite île, choyé par une ravissante jeune personne dénommée...
Télécharger Sinbad (VF) Episode 1

Sinbad (VF) Episode 1 (La malédiction)

Date de diffusion: : 08 Juillet 2012
Dans une ruelle de la ville de Bassorah, Sinbad et Raïs se battent sous les acclamations, encouragements ou huées de la foule. Au moment où Raïs va l’emporter, Sinbad "se réveille" et, dans un sursaut, tue son adversaire. On...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 4

Sinbad Episode 4 (Episode 4)

Date de diffusion: : 29 Juillet 2012
Running low on water with Cook severely dehydrated, the crew find a strange old man on a deserted ship. They are unaware it is Death come to reclaim his bride, Nala, who ran away from their ritual wedding. Nala agrees to wed Death,...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 5

Sinbad Episode 5 (Episode 5)

Date de diffusion: : 05 Août 2012
Gunnar and Sinbad are ambushed by the Khaima, a band of warriors, who avenge injustice. Their leader, Obsidian, sentences Gunnar to death for his brutal Viking past. Taryn creates a magical Stalker, which hunts down Sinbad at the Khaima...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 9

Sinbad Episode 9 (Episode 9)

Date de diffusion: : 26 Août 2012
Sinbad and friends try to gain access to a labyrinth containing a stone that reveals your future. However, they are caught and Sinbad is sentenced to death. He is rescued by attractive female bounty hunter Tiger – who has been sent by...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 3

Sinbad Episode 3 (Episode 3)

Date de diffusion: : 22 Juillet 2012
When Anwar loses The Providence in a bet to merchant Abdul-Fahim, Sinbad confides about the curse- he will die unless they get the ship back. The gang follow Abdul-Fahim to a gaming-house and Sinbad wins back the ship. But the twisted...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 10

Sinbad Episode 10 (Episode 10)

Date de diffusion: : 09 Septembre 2012
The crew are hired to transport a Professor and her mysterious, giant egg, which hatches a snake-demon. Narrowly escaping its attack, the gang decide to kill it, but the Professor merges with it to create an intelligent monster. The gang...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 8

Sinbad Episode 8 (Episode 8)

Date de diffusion: : 12 Août 2012
The crew meet Kuji, a teen who says she’s a God. Anwar falls for her, confiding that he doesn’t belong as he’s not brave like the others. An army demands her back, but Anwar refuses. The gang are killed except for him and Kuji. He...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 12

Sinbad Episode 12 (Episode 12)

Date de diffusion: : 23 Septembre 2012
A Land of the Dead Guardian confronts Sinbad with the truth his mother died when pregnant with him. Bereft he is dead Sinbad is about to sacrifice himself to save his friends when Jamil saves him. Sinbad rescues Taryn’s daughter...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 11

Sinbad Episode 11 (Episode 11)

Date de diffusion: : 16 Septembre 2012
The gang visit a monastery in the hope that Tiger’s friend, Brother Angelico, will be able to help them find a route to the Land of the Dead. While there, Gunnar is falsely accused of being a murderous Fiend and is sentenced to death.
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 6

Sinbad Episode 6 (Episode 6)

Date de diffusion: : 12 Août 2012
Attacked by a sea creature, Sinbad wakes, rescued by mysterious Roisin. Sinbad falls for her, unaware she is stealing his memories and the people in them from him. Rina find Roisin as she is about to kill Sinbad and offers her memories...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 2

Sinbad Episode 2 (Episode 2)

Date de diffusion: : 15 Juillet 2012
The crew are captured by Water-Thieves, a feral tribe. Sinbad tries to seduce their fierce leader Razia to save himself, but despite satisfying her, he learns she will kill him that night. Sinbad escapes with the help of Razia’s...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 1

Sinbad Episode 1 (Episode 1)

Date de diffusion: : 08 Juillet 2012
When street rat Sinbad accidentally kills Lord Akbari’s son, Akbari kills Sinbad’s brother in revenge. Sinbad escapes, but his grandmother Safia places a curse on him that until he atones for his sins he can’t stay on dry land for...
Télécharger Sinbad Episode 7

Sinbad Episode 7 (Episode 7)

Date de diffusion: : 12 Août 2012
Sinbad returns to Basra to rescue his grandmother, but it is a trap set by Akbari and Taryn. Akbari duels Sinbad, who gets the upper hand. Sinbad spares Akbari and apologises for the death of Akbari’s son, breaking the curse. To...